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Jon Stewart: Walter Cronkite with a sense of humor?

Characterizing him as a funny person’s Cronkite may be a little too much, but Americans believe he’s the most trusted newsperson. Wow. That’s bad, because as he once said, my show is followed by puppets.


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Student Bailout?

Do Students Deserve a Bailout? (

I’ve talked to Jess about doing something like this. Why? First, the Bush Admin. cut grant $ steadily during his eight years as President and helped paved the way for banks to provide more loans (rather than the gov’t) at a much more expensive rate (and often not so good terms). This could actually hurt the economy in the future with the amount of students graduating and not being able to find lucrative work. The question will come up, “well, what about those people who didn’t have to take out any loans, or even have that much personal debt (cause I’d work to forgive much of consumer debt)? That’s a good question. How about actually rewarding them with tax breaks over a long period of time (which still cost money for the gov’t, contrary to what conservatives will tell you. the gov’t has to actually pay for tax cuts…)?

Reducing consumer/student debt could ‘stimulate’ the economy in the short term while rewarding those who didn’t have to take out as much money would provide the economy a longer term boost. But I could be totally wrong since I’m not an economist or anything like that…just my thoughts…

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16. U.S. bending rules on Colombia terror? – Los Angeles Times

In today’s edition of the L.A. Times. Why isn’t there more coverage on this? eh… 

U.S. bending rules on Colombia terror? – Los Angeles Times

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