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07. Young pilot completes round-the-world flight – 06/27/2007 –

┬áRan into this article yesterday about the first black person to fly solo around the world. He was also the youngest. That’s quite the achievement and thought that it should be documented since I didn’t hear anything about it on any news station…unless I missed it. Congrats!

Young pilot completes round-the-world flight – 06/27/2007 –


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01. Trying to Keep Up…

I thought that I would start this blog since everything–news, information, life–can move entirely too quickly. This was also a selfish endeavor since I’m trying to make it a point to myself to be as informed as I possibly can be (it’s difficult when one seems to always be buried beneath a bunch of books…say that a few times fast…), so why not have a source where I can check out all of the news and developments as I could? I’m not aiming for this blog to be too personal, but I’m aiming for this to be too academic either. There may be commentary, there may not. But I won’t lie, it’ll most likely be pretty political in content unless I don’t feel like it for a moment.

I encourage people to also submit any sort of links and information having to do with the categories already listed, hence the subtitle of the blog–converging global discourse. Consequently, posting comments should go without saying.

Although this space is not intended to be dominated by our magazine (Spirit of the Nation!– developments, I’ll probably post about it from time to time at least till we get our blog running (actually the next post will be about the next issue…).

So, let’s see if I/we can keep this going, because it’s not always easy keeping up.

But if we can keep up, then (you gotta hit play…)…

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