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Building the World House: One Person at a Time… A “new approach” to campaigning for better education in America’s schools.

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I sympathize with the intent of this article and what not. But I think the apparent “lack of focus” on education by black youth is really reflective of the general lack of focus that most young Americans have. It’s just, as De La would put it, the stakes may be higher for impoverished young black and brown men considering that one in three (Between the ages of 18 and 30 I believe) have a higher chance of being incarcerated than their white/Asian/etc. counterparts. But again, I totally sympathize. I try to do my part to get youth, black/white/whatever to get that collegiate education…


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Applying to Graduate School in the Midwest?

One aim that I also had for this site was to help other interested undergrads enter and pursue graduate studies. While I cannot claim to know everything about getting into Law, Medicine, or even Science and Math-based graduate programs, I have gone through this process enough to have learned how to construct personal statements and devise an overall strategy for putting someone in the best position to create their own good luck.

I have also stumbled upon a way to avoid application fees (sometimes) while applying for Phd programs last year. I enrolled into a program called FreeApp. It was simple. I filled out the application (on the last night that I was able) and was accepted. As a member I was able to mark that I was a member of the program on a few of my online applications.

This worked for my applications to The Ohio State University and Illinois without a hitch. I had problems, though, with using it to apply to University of Illinois at Chicago and Purdue. Purdue wanted students to send them some information about something (I forget what and why this was a problem. I remember that it had something to do with being a resident in the state) and there seemed to be a glitch in UIC’s online application.

Warning: This program is for schools in the Big Ten/Midwest. Doing this won’t ensure your admittance into any program and you should make sure that you hound the graduate schools that you apply to about all of your supplemental materials (letters of recommendations, portfolios, writing samples, GRE and other test scores, etc.) and whether or not your fee issues are resolved. While you shouldn’t have to request such information, make sure the Graduate School notifies you in writing about your fee waiver. Also try writing particular Graduate Schools, or whomever takes the applications and fees, to see if you can obtain a fee waiver.  Good Luck! Add me on Facebook (Austin McCoy) or email me:, if you have any more questions about the application process. I hope to be of some help…



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