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Building the World House: One Person at a Time…

About Austin


I am a recent MA graduate from Kent State University (20th Century American History). I am currently preparing to make my transition from OH to the Ann Arbor in the fall where I will begin my doctoral studies in History at University of Michigan. For many this is blasphemous since I also have a long history with The Ohio State University as a student (BA in History, MA in African American and African Studies) and an employee. My activist past and present has shaped my research interests–Civil Rights and Black Power Movements, Black radicalism during the 1960s and 1970s, Black Politics, etc.

It is true that this is the second go around for this particular blog.  Before I graduated from KSU this past year, I became frustrated by the lack of imagination–exhibited by many of our politicians, activists, and intellectuals in every corner of our political arena. Thus, I have made one of my goals for this summer (next to hunting for and nailing down potential dissertation topics, ha!) to absorbing and wrestling with as much information and ideas about our current moment as possible. I figure this could be the last such moment where I will be able to undertake this endeavor before I head to Ann Arbor. If I can keep up with the multitasking, I aspire to craft and hone a working language and analysis–a better way of keeping up with the world…


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  1. Ian Lee says:

    You’d make a good future prof for Interdisciplinary Studies (social sciences focus) if the opportunity comes up a few years down the line. Miami just made a massive change to their program though – possibly eliminating it? That might mean there’s a niche waiting to open at another university though. Miami used to attract a lot of honors students to their Western Campus (interdisciplinary studies) program!

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